Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to make a reservation to visit the store?

Yes, we highly suggest you make an appointment. We only accept walk-ins when the store is available and we are not in the middle of production.

2. How do I book a chocolate making event?

You can make a reservation by calling the store location you wish to visit and we will go over the different events we offer and help you choose the best option for your group and occasion. We also help with event requests submitted by email, however prompt assistance is provided best by telephone calls.

3. Can I bring my own outside food or beverages?

Yes, we welcome all outside food and beverages to enjoy during your event. We do not have the licensing (for alcoholic drinks) or staff to serve you the food and beverages, however you are welcome to set up a side table we provide as a buffet-style service.

4. Do we allow alcoholic beverages to be brought in to enjoy for events?

Yes, alcoholic beverages are welcome. We strongly prohibit staff from serving alcoholic drinks, or the serving to minors in attendance to an event. Staff are prohibited from joining guests in any adult beverages, however kind it is to offer (thank you for sharing!) staff members are not allowed to engage in such activities.

5. Are there options for allergy sensitive guests for chocolate events?

Gluten: chocolate is gluten free. Our caramel is a gluten free product, it does contain eggs.

Tree nuts /peanuts: We do process nuts on some machinery which guests can use at events. The use of nuts is optional for direct contact with guest’s chocolates used at the table top. Please see our “policies” at the bottom of the webpage for further information.

Egg: Our homemade caramel does contain egg.

Dairy: All our chocolate does contain butterfat. The white and milk chocolate does contain milk product. The Dark chocolate does not contain milk product.

6. Do we have sugar-free options for chocolate events?

No, we do not have sugar-free melted chocolate to use at events. We do allow sugar sensitive individuals to substitute part of their portion from the handmade items they would make, and instead use our premade sugar-free items from the retail case.

7. What is the best age range for kid’s birthday parties?

The children’s events are best suggested from 5 year old to 11 years of age. It is more structured and provides guidelines for these ages while providing some wiggle room with creative decision making as well. For pre-teens and teens we suggest the half pound version of the adult style event.

8. What is the percentage of cocoa in your chocolate?

Dark 53%, milk 35%

9. What is our best selling product?

Our Triple Chocolate Popcorn, Ferris Wheels, or Truffles.

10. Where does your chocolate come from?

We purchase our premium chocolate bars from Merckens.

The cocoa is supplied from ADM and used by Merckens to make the chocolate we use in the store.

11. How can I apply for a job at Farris and Foster’s?

Please See the Contact page of the website for a job application to download

12. How do I store my chocolate for a longer shelf life?

Chocolate (plain) will continue to be fresh and edible for up to a year. The longevity of your chocolate will depend on how you store it and if there are additional contents to the chocolate itself, such as a cookie or strawberry.We recommend placing the chocolates in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

13. Can I place and order to be picked up at a later date?

Yes you may call and place an order for pick up sometime in the future. We may require for a partial payment or full payment up front, depending on the items you plan to order.

14. Can I have my chocolate shipped?

We do not ship chocolate outside of November-January months. We can ship inside the continental United States.

15. How do I process a return or refund?

We would encourage all customers to call our store and speak with a manager, 407-770-1607. We will do everything we can to make your experience a positive one. We also have a survey available to fill out at Survey Monkey with our Customer Questionnaire